03 Jan 2022
January 3, 2022

Winter Tree Removal and Trimming

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It’s not rare for people to think that tree care cannot be done during the winter, or that tree services aren’t working when it’s cold and snowy outside.

The truth is that winter is a great time for assessing, trimming and removing trees for various reasons. More aggressive types of pruning is best done when trees are dormant. This is particularly important when pruning fruit trees.

When it is winter, both trees and shrubs become dormant. During dormancy, the leaves fall off and trees are in a time of rest until spring arrives with warmer temperatures. But why is this the best time for trimming or removal? 

Assessing the Tree Structure is Easier

In the winter, after all the leaves have fallen, an experienced tree care worker can observe the structure of trees easier. It’s also simpler to assess what branches are hazardous or dead. This makes it easy for someone to determine if your trees need trimming, allowing them to look their finest and protect them from future diseases in the spring.

Better Health and Recovery in the Spring

If your trees have been removed or trimmed during the winter, they’ll be able to quickly recover in the spring with new growth. Choosing to have this done in late winter is an excellent idea because you can see hazardous bark inclusions and wounds that could potentially cause limbs to fail and fall during the growing season. The best time to aggressively prune a tree is while it is dormant in winter. The Farmer’s Almanac is a great resource to see which trees need pruning during the winter and early spring. 

There’s a Lower Chance of Diseases and Pests Spreading

When we are in the winter months, many of the insects, fungi, parasites, and bacteria that create and spread disease are dead or dormant. Things like oak wilt, Dutch elm disease, fire blight, and cedar hawthorn rust are unlikely to spread during the winter months. Disposing of diseased trees during the winter months will prevent disease from spreading to your other trees  in the spring. 

Winter Damage Prevention

Any trees on your property that are dying, damaged, or dead can be dangerous through the winter season. This is especially the case when there are large amounts of snow or ice that cause branches to collapse. By having them trimmed or removed, they will be safer. Trees that are not at optimal health may also be healthier after the removal of diseased or dead wood. Having your tree trimmed in the winter will let it recover in the spring when it starts growing again.  

Make Sure Your Trees are Ready for Spring

Tree Doctor LLC offers all the services you need this winter. We provide tree removal, ice and snow removal, emergency tree services, and more. Give us a call at 515-333-8733 or fill out a help form. 

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