Trees require proper nutrients to function and grow. Trees in urban areas are usually growing in modified soils or environments. These conditions do not contain a high enough number of the elements required for good growth and development.

Why Do Trees Need Added Nutrition and Fertilization?

There are a few reasons that trees may require additional fertilization. Nutrient dense topsoil might have been removed during construction or naturally deteriorated over time. Yard maintenance also has an effect. When leaves are removed from the area a tree lives, the nutrient cycling can be limited. This can limit the number of worms and other beneficial organisms present in the soil. Therefore, it may be necessary to fertilize the soil to replace these missing nutrients.

What Are The Benefits of Fertilizing Trees?

Trees require nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and sulfur for healthy growth. Proper fertilization replaces these missing elements back into the trees development cycle. Fertilization and proper nutrition will make sure your trees remain healthy and strong for years to come.

Fertilizing Can

  • Increase Growth
  • Increase Strength
  • Reduce Vulnerability To Certain Diseases
  • Reduce Vulnerability To Pests
  • In Some Cases Reverse Declining Health.

When Should You Fertilize Trees?

Fall is a great time for fertilization. At this time, deciduous trees and shrubs have lost their foliage for the year and active growth of plants and trees has slowed. Rather than put on new foliage growth the roots of established trees or shrubs take the nutrients from the soil. These nutrients are applied to important health-promoting functions, such as disease resistance and root development. Any excess nutrients are then stored in the roots and become immediately available when needed for new growth in spring.

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