Utility Services

Utility Services for your Commercial Property

The Tree Doctor provides many utility services for your commercial property.  Our trimming and pruning services benefit the health of the tree, the overall look of the tree, and the safety of the surrounding environment. Our outdoor care team also specializes in tree clearing, including power line clearance services.

  • Trimming and pruning – Tree trimming is required to remove dead, broken or diseased branches and limbs. The Tree Doctor provides tree trimming services that can help enhance the overall look of your trees. Tree trimming and pruning can be done by hand, but over-pruning your trees can cause harm to them. Our professional tree care specialists will make sure your trees maintain their natural looking beauty and health for longer with specialized trimming and pruning services. We offer corrective pruning, tree elevation, crown cleaning, thinning, and lead removal services for your commercial property.  If you want more information, click here to view a complete list of our tree trimming and pruning services.
  • Tree Clearing – Tree Doctor wants to help you keep your trees healthy.  When there are no other options for saving your tree, we will provide you with tree removal services.  Tree removals can result from storm damage as a result of lightning or high winds, and bad diseases that are incurable. Our professionals will inspect your trees and provide you with feedback about whether your tree can be saved or needs to be removed before it causes damage to your property.  Depending on the size of your tree, we offer climbing removal for smaller trees, and crane and bucket truck removal services for larger trees.
  • Power Line Clearance – It is important to clear your trees from power lines. If your tree grows into power lines, it can cause damage to your tree and harm the power lines resulting in loss of power. Call The Tree Doctor for power line clearance to protect your home and your trees.