02 Oct 2020
October 2, 2020

Inspecting Trees After Large Storms

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Iowa’s Derecho Devastated Trees

The derecho left thousands in Iowa with damaged trees. Normal weather events are usually not a problem for trees. Trees are biologically engineered to withstand the extra force applied during windy days. However, the extremely unique force of the derecho left many trees injured.

What to Look for After Large Storms

Now is a crucial time to inspect all trees still standing after the storm for splits and cracks. Future tree failure can be prevented by a full health inspection. Injuries and wounds are common on tree trunks, and if these areas are left untreated it can cause catastrophic damage. Contact us at 333-TREE to have us provide a full health inspection.

Ways to Protect Trees From Storm Damage

To provide the best possible storm damage prevention, begin when trees are young and newly planted. Stake trees only if absolutely necessary and for only a short amount of time. Functional pruning is very important. Health corrective pruning on newly established trees provides the them with a strong structure in the future. Trees need a good strong leader to guide it to a long life. Removing weaker and codominant stems prevent future crown loss during storms.

Call the Professionals

If you have any doubts about the health of your trees after a large storm bring in a professional. Contact us at 333-TREE to schedule functional pruning to keep your trees strong and healthy.