Tree Trimming & Pruning Services – The Tree Doctor

Tree trimming is required to remove dead, broken or diseased branches and limbs. The Tree Doctor provides tree trimming services that can help enhance the overall look of your trees. Tree trimming and pruning can be done by hand, but over-pruning your trees can cause harm to them. Our professional tree care specialists will make sure your trees maintain their natural looking beauty and health for longer with specialized trimming and pruning services.

How We Trim and Prune Your Trees?

We offer the following tree trimming and pruning services for your trees:

  • Corrective Pruning – Shaping of your young trees helps them grow correctly to their mature size.
  • Tree Elevation –  Different trees thrive in different elevations, and it is important to elevate your trees in their most natural environment. We provide support to all different types of tree species.
  • Crown Cleaning – This involves the removal of dead, unbroken, and hanging branches. It is helpful for preventing branch and limb decay. This service is relatively inexpensive and will greatly improve the appearance of your tree.
  • Thinning – Branches may become tangled, and interfere with other branches. Thinning of the branches allows natural sunlight to reach the tree, and improves the health of the remaining branches.
  • Lead Removal – This involves the removal of large branches that could possibly pose a threat to your home, buildings, or streets. It is important to remove the low hanging branches before natural weather elements can impact them.