Tree Removal Services Des Moines

Preserving tree health is always a priority, but when there are no other options for saving your tree, The Tree Doctor will provide you with expert services. Whether the issue at hand warrants emergency tree removal from a storm, or a disease has taken its toll over time, you can expect professional service from our team.

Tree Removal Process

1) Does your tree need to be removed or treated?

The Tree Doctor professional arborists and team members will first inspect your tree to provide you with feedback and any recommendations. If preserving your tree or nursing it back to health is possible, we can provide a plan for doing so. If it is concluded that removal is the best option, we will move forward with that course of action.

2) Determine necessary equipment needed for tree removal

Depending on the size, location, and condition of the tree, our team will need to approach the job with equipment and crew members suited to your needs. If the tree is located close to power lines or property, we will recommend immediate removal to avoid damage. In most cases, smaller trees are removed with climbing, while large trees may necessitate crane and bucket truck assistance. 

3) Perform Removal & Cleanup

Once the scope and date of removal is scheduled, our crew will show up and perform the work necessary to remove the tree while keeping our team, your property, and your yard safe.

Tree Removal Pricing & Scope

Each service is quoted on a case-by-case basis depending on the job at hand. A standard tree service scope includes:

  • Bucket Truck or Climber to Cut Tree Down
  • Removal of Heavy Logs & Fallen Brush
  • Rake & Shovel to Clean Yard 

Additional Options to Add to Your Des Moines Area Tree Service

Leave Lay Option

This means we leave logs, brush, or both behind to result in a cheaper tree service fee for you.

Add-On: Stump Grinding

If you are wanting to completely remove your tree and its stump, consider our stump removal options.