Shrub Trimming & Shaping – The Tree Doctor

Proper shrub trimming and shaping can improve the health, strength, and lifespan of your shrubs. The Tree Doctor has a team of experts in the field of shaping and corrective pruning for your residential property bushes and shrubs.

Residential Shrub Trimming Services

Trimming your shrubs and bushes does not only enhance the appearance, but it allows sunlight to enter the plant’s interior branches. The Tree Doctor creates beautiful, healthy looking shrubs by allowing all branches to be exposed to the sunlight. Our experts recommend pruning and shaping your shrubs while they are small and throughout the life of the shrub to allow them to grow correctly and not become overgrown in unwanted areas.

When you are choosing a shrub to plant around your home, it is important to pick a shrub that will work well with the environment and the space allotted. Always make take note of how large the shrub will grow throughout it’s life to ensure that the plant stays healthy and you won’t have to transplant it later on.

Tree and Shrub Care

At The Tree Doctor in Des Moines, shrubs and trees are something that we are passionate about. We take pride in knowing how to care for your shrubs and trees, and knowing the proper techniques for ensuring your plants stay healthy. Call us today, and let us help you make the most of shrubs.