Commercial Land Clearing – The Tree Doctor

The Tree Doctor has a group of professionals with years of experience in this field. We understand development is a necessity to the growth of our society and local economy; therefore we will listen to your needs and give you the best advice.  A property’s value and its ability to sell can be greatly improved by having a mature tree landscape. Call The Tree Doctor for commercial land clearing and logging services.

Outdoor Land Care Specialists

The Tree Doctor provides land clearing services for your commercial Des Moines area property. If you are looking to build a new property, add an addition onto your current property, or simply want to clear the land, The Tree Doctor is your go-to outdoor care specialist. Our specialists will begin with a consultation to evaluate your commercial property and discuss any concerns you might have about cleaning the land. We will present you with a plan with multiple options that suit your needs as well as the surrounding environment. The Tree Doctor strives to find a perfect solution to meet your needs and preserve the natural environment as much as possible.