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The Tree Doctor sells all bi-products that come from the operation of a full service tree service including but not limited to; mulch sales, non-split firewood sales, split firewood sales, and varieties of all of these. The first thing to do prior to purchasing firewood or any of these other products it to educate yourself. Below I will try to give you a little firewood 101 prior to making a decision.

What are firewood terms I may need to know?

  • Green Wood

    This is generally split wood, however it has not been seasoned or kiln dried. If you try to burn it, it will burn slow with low heat a lot of smoke, likely producing a hissing sound as it boils off the water. This will be wood of 35-50% moisture and sometimes more.

  • Seasoned

    Seasoned is wood that has been cut to length, split, and stacked for dry down (natural drying). The average moisture in a bundle of wood will be between 16-20% moisture.

  • Split vs Non Split

    Split wood is exactly as it sounds, it is wood (cut to length) that has been split into reasonable firewood size and kind of looks like a piece of pizza (is looking at it from one end). Non split wood is wood that has not been split, but only cut to size and sometimes can be sold in various sized (length & diameter).

  • Mixed or Mixed Hardwood

    Mixed wood is wood that is cut to length, split, and seasoned. However when it is loaded for sale or delivery it is a mix of hard and soft wood varieties. Anywhere from 40-60% soft wood. This is generally a less expensive option and can be a good option if your use is for outdoor camp fires.

  • Hardwood

    Hardwood is a variety of hard wood species that is cut in length, split, and seasoned (e.g. Oak, Hard Maple, Cherry, Elm, Hickory, Walnut, Hackberry, etc).

  • Barkless/De-barked

    This is cut, split, and seasoned firewood that does not have bark. Some of this is done through a longer natural seasoning or has been ran through a de-barking machine. De-barking split firewood will allow it to hold lower moisture while burning a higher BTU and remaining cleaner to handle.

Firewood Measurements

(scroll table side to side on mobile)

    Terminology Measurement (stacked) Cubic Feet Notes (assume 16" log length)
    Cord 4'x4'x8' 128 Cu Ft Stacked as 3 rows of 4'x8'x16"
    Half Cord 4'x4'x4' 64 Cu Ft
    Face Cord (1/3 cord) 4'x8'x16" 42.6 Cu Ft Stacked as 1 row of 4'x8'16"
    Quarter Cord (1/4 cord) 4'x6'x16" 32 Cu Ft
    Store Bundle .75 Cu Ft Roughly 5×16" pieces
    4 Bushels 12.8 Cu Ft 16 "store bundles"

Firewood Pricing

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    Firewood Type Classification Full Cord Half Cord (~pickup load) 4 Bushels (16 bundles)
      Barkless Oak
    Premium $375 $215 $95
      Barkless Hardwood
    Excellent $325 $199 $80
    Great $270 $165 $60
      Mixed Hardwood
    Good $245 $145 $48
      Specialty Wood
    Specialty $450+ $275+ $125+

*Pricing above does not include delivery or stacking.
Delivery fee = $69.00 (up to 15 miles)
Stacking fee = $55.00 (per cord), $35.00 (per 1/2 cord), $25.00 (per 1/3 cord)
$2.00 per mile beyond 15

Wood Classification

  • Premium Firewood

    Debarked Oak will burn a higher BTU than any other firewood we sell, giving off little ash, and it is the cleanest to handle. Perfect for fire places and high efficiency wood burning stove / furnace.

  • Excellent Firewood

    Debarked Hardwood will burn at a higher BTU than any other wood we sell, besides debarked Oak. Similarly to Debarked Oak, Debarked Hardwood will give off little ash and is very clean to handle and store. Great for fire places and high efficiency wood burning stove / furnace.

  • Great Firewood

    This is the most common wood sold. It is a great mix of north american hardwoods. They burn well producing high BTUs and work well for wood burning stoves or camp fires. Will produce more ash and are more messy to handle and store due to the remainder of bark, etc.

  • Good Firewood

    This is the most affordable wood we sell. It is a mixture of hard wood and non-hard wood (including Pine, Fir, and Spruce). This is a great option for open burning such as outdoor fire pits, or camp fire burning fun.

  • Specialty Firewood

    Specialty wood is exactly what it sounds like, it is wood specific to your needs. This may be a call and ask circumstance as it is always changing, however this could include River Birch for color in your camp fire, to Paper Birch for home decor.