05 Jan 2021
January 5, 2021

Top Tips For Burning Firewood

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What Type Of Firewood Is Best?

There are 2 types of firewood: hardwood and softwood. Hardwoods are usually denser than softwoods meaning they burn longer and produce more heat. Hardwoods usually are better for warming your house in your fireplace and cooking food in your stove than softwoods. Some popular types of hardwood firewood for burning in your fireplace are oak, maple, ash, and birch. Hardwoods give you a longer, hotter burn time compared to softwoods.

How Dry Should My Firewood Be?

You should never burn “green,” or insufficiently dried, wood as it produces less heat and more smoke than properly dried, or seasoned, wood. For proper storage, always stack your wood for efficient air circulation, covered at the top only, and make sure it is fully dry before burning. The recommended moisture content of wood when burning is 15-25 percent. Purchasing a wood moisture meter lets you properly determine the moisture content of the wood you are burning. Doing this allows you to get the best possible results from your of firewood.

Where Can I Get Firewood?

The Tree Doctor has a wide variety and grades of firewood available for sale. We offer delivery and stacking services to properly store your new firewood. Call 515.333.8733 to discuss which options are best for you and to schedule you firewood delivery today!