Lawn Aeration

Professional Aeration Services for Des Moines

HaveDes Moines Lawn Aeration you fertilized and treated your lawn but are not getting the results you hoped for? If you have inspected your lawn for insects, worms, disease, watering issues, and are still not seeing the desired results, you should consider lawn aeration. Aeration is a process that involves running a machine or unit with hollow spikes across your lawn. The machine removes plugs of dirt approximately thumb size, and 3-4 inches in length.

This process perforates the soil allowing air, water and nutrients to access the grass roots, and alleviates soil compaction. When the roots are exposed to more water and nutrients, they will begin to grow and produce a thicker, stronger, better looking lawn.

Lawn Aerating Pros for your Des Moines Property:

  • Increased oxygen in the soil
  • Minimized compaction of the roots
  • Increased nutrient absorption for your grass roots
  • Increases thatch decomposition
  • Speeds up root growth
  • Grass produces new shoots and root structures
  • Increased fullness in lawn
  • Aids in weed control
  • Helps fix problems from over-seeding

Lawn Aerating Cons for your Des Moines Property:

  • Cost to aerate
  • Aeration can be timely if you do it by yourself
  • Plugs of dirt remain in your lawn until they are weathered away (3-5 weeks, rain dependent)