Yard Cleanup

Des Moines Property Yard Cleanup

Des Moines Lawn Cleanup

Fall yard cleanup is important whether you do it yourself or hire it out. This process is one of many that is important to the proper growth and maturity of your lawn, plants, and shrubs. If you want your property to look its best come springtime, proper fall cleanup is a must.

Your lawn requires three main things ingredients to grow correctly: sunlight, water, and oxygen. These three things can be hindered majorly if the foliage, sticks, and other growth in your yard are not taken care of.  There are also other variables to growing the perfect lawn such as fertilizer, weed and insect control, and aeration. It is important to relieve your yard of foliage buildup to ensure your yard receives the necessary nutrients it needs to grow.

Debris and foliage can also collect on your lawn after a severe weather storm with high winds and heavy rain. High winds can tear down branches and sticks on your trees. You can rely on our professional outdoor care team to restore your yard to it’s pre-disaster condition.

Call The Tree Doctor in Des Moines, and let us help you make your property look its best. We provide professional, affordable, and timely outdoor care services and yard cleanup for your Des Moines property.

The Tree Doctor’s Professional Yard Cleanup Machinery:

  • High-powered commercial blowers
  • Commercial lawn vacuums
  • Leaf mulcher
  • Commercial high efficiency rakes and other hand tools