Trees are an important part of a property. They contribute beauty, they add seclusion, and they create shade. However, while flourishing trees present plenty of benefits, when they die, they can present complications. Having a dead tree removed by a professional is very important for the following reasons. Reasons to Remove Rather Than Save a.. read more →

The Importance of Choosing the Right Tree Care Effective tree care is essential to maintain a property. Healthy, good-looking trees not only improve the appeal of your property but add monetary value as well.  However, properly preserving the trees and shrubs around your property requires a certain level of knowledge and experience. Hiring an ISA-certified arborist.. read more →

Sometimes it can be hard to determine who is responsible for taking care of overhanging limbs, storm-damaged trees or felled branches in your yard. It can further complicate things when the tree in question affects a neighbor’s yard as well. Primary Tree Owner Responsibilities Landowners have two main responsibilities regarding their trees. A tree is.. read more →

When the trees in your yard start to look scraggly or overgrown, it can be tempting to grab a chainsaw and cut them yourself. While many homeowners decide to do this, it is important to consider the risks and costs of DIY tree pruning. Even if it may not seem like it right away, a.. read more →

Springtime is a popular time to plant trees, but before you go to your nearest lawn and garden section and choose the prettiest tree in the lot, make sure you know what you’re doing. Careful planning and strategic selection of trees can maximize the amount of benefits derived from planting them. On the other hand,.. read more →

What is tree pruning? Pruning is the most popular and one of the most important tree care techniques. Pruning can promote the safety, structure, health, and appearance of your tree. Amateur or DIY pruning can cause permanent damage to a tree, and that’s why it is important to leave pruning of your valuable trees to.. read more →

05 Jan 2021
January 5, 2021

Top Tips For Burning Firewood

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What Type Of Firewood Is Best? There are 2 types of firewood: hardwood and softwood. Hardwoods are usually denser than softwoods meaning they burn longer and produce more heat. Hardwoods usually are better for warming your house in your fireplace and cooking food in your stove than softwoods. Some popular types of hardwood firewood for.. read more →

Winter months bring ice, snow, cold temps, and the threat of winter damage to your trees. Even though trees are dormant this time of year, they are not resistant to the stresses of the winter season. Though they are susceptible to injury in the cold months, the effects are often not known until spring. Here.. read more →

Trees require proper nutrients to function and grow. Trees in urban areas are usually growing in modified soils or environments. These conditions do not contain a high enough number of the elements required for good growth and development. Why Do Trees Need Added Nutrition and Fertilization? There are a few reasons that trees may require.. read more →

02 Oct 2020
October 2, 2020

Inspecting Trees After Large Storms

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Iowa’s Derecho Devastated Trees The derecho left thousands in Iowa with damaged trees. Normal weather events are usually not a problem for trees. Trees are biologically engineered to withstand the extra force applied during windy days. However, the extremely unique force of the derecho left many trees injured. What to Look for After Large Storms.. read more →